Why Choose Us?!

We evaluate and treat hearing, balance and tinnitus better than anyone. 

Olympia’s Complete Hearing & Balance (formerly Ascent Audiology & Hearing) team are your experts for everything in your ears. Do you have a problem with your ear? Well, you need to know exactly what is going on before you just buy a cheap hearing aid! In order to understand WHY you are having these problems, you must first understand the problem, how it relates to your health, the impact it is having on your life, and what options you have for treating or living with your problem. 

Yes, we sell hearing aids. But first, let us find out what is going on. Not everyone needs a hearing aid.  

If you do need a hearing aid, you need to be sure that it is going to work! It is for that reason that we follow audiology industry standards and The Best Practice Guidelines. These are skills that we learned in our Au.D. programs and have perfected in our professional careers. The Hearing Industry has Best Practice Guidelines when it comes to fitting hearing aids to ensure that providers understand what they must do to ensure maximum benefit with hearing treatment.

Not all audiologists or hearing instrument dispensers follow these guidelines and finding a Hearing Care Provider who follows Best Practices can be difficult. That is why we have joined a network of providers who believe in providing Best Practices in our standard of care. Dr. Cliff Olson is a doctor of audiology who started a Network of Trusted Providers who are committed to following Hearing Aid Best Practices and acting as a fiduciary on your behalf. By joining this network, we have committed to providing the best and most thorough care for our patients.  We are required to uphold industry standards and we collaborate with other clinics that practice at our same level. 

Here is a video about our network:


Curious about these standards?   download our Best Practices checklists